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The TurfTrax Tracking System

The TurfTrax Tracking System (TTS) is a world leading real time location system, developed for use in the horse racing industry. Its capabilities reach beyond the race track to TV screens, betting shops, online applications and racing professionals.

The TTS provides highly accurate locations for every horse throughout the duration of every race, event or training programme. The TTS utilises bespoke technology which provides superior accuracy and latency to that achievable through GPS. Data generated from these locations provides a greater depth of statistical detail than is available through traditional timing methods and because it is live, it can provide instantaneous information for screen graphics or online applications.

The TTS has been extensively used, tested and proven in 5,000 thoroughbred races in the UK involving 60,000 horses at courses such as Newmarket, Cheltenham and York.

A key aspect of the system is its flexibility of deployment; it does not require a costly infrastructure. Once a facility has been inducted the system can be easily transported to it and installed on the day before racing. Alternatively once the induction procedure is complete the system can be installed permanently on to a racecourse or training facility, in fact in any sporting environment where there is a requirement to accurately track/time horses.

How it works

The TTS is a radio frequency tracking system and uses proprietary patented technology based in the licence exempt 2.4GHz band. A network of receivers (FRXs) is deployed around the racecourse. These are connected via a local area network which is also connected to a central processing server.

Small, lightweight but durable tags (MTags) are placed in the number cloths of each horse. These transmit encrypted signals to the network of receivers. The receivers process this information plus additional reference signals from fixed tags (FTags) and transmit this data to the central processing server.

Tracking SchematicSystem

The server utilises patented algorithms to accurately calculate the location of each tag. The locations are processed by reference to a surveyed model of the racecourse to provide detailed statistics for every horse in the race 4 times per second, including:

Running Order Current speedMargin between horses
Sectional timeAverage speedDistance covered
Cumulative timeAccelerationDistance remaining

A Bespoke System

Our focus is to provide a bespoke system for every client. In terms of deployments this means low impact installation sympathetic to the environment. The configuration of the receivers is adaptable so that they can be unobtrusively deployed in grandstand areas. Also the receivers can be connected wirelessly to the central server and powered by batteries or permanently installed with hardwired power and network connections.

In terms of product delivery all TTS graphic products, 2D/3D visualisation and broadcast overlays are configurable. Our client can specify the exact layout and what data is presented alongside the graphic, whether it is running order, speed, sectional/fractional times or any other output generated by the TTS.

TurfTrax is customer focussed in its approach to sales and after sales support and we work closely with our clients so that all their ideas and expectations are fully realised throughout and after the installation process.


Sectional Timing Data

Sectional charts provide the greatest level of insight into horse performance during races. Any or all of the statistics produced by the TTS can be incorporated into a summary chart for each horse in a race. These summaries can be distributed throughout the course infrastructure and on to racecourse and press websites immediately after every race.

Tracking System Section Times

Racehorse Training Analysis

Outside of racing the TTS can be used to monitor and analyse racehorse performance during training sessions. The presentation and storage of the data generated can be tailored to meet the trainer's requirements. Building a database of every horse's training performance enables in-depth analysis and comparison with other horses.

Screen Graphics

Tracking System Screen Graphics Supplemental graphics, for on course or broadcast television feeds can aid race presentation and unobtrusively provide additional information to augment the viewer's experience.

Race Visualisations

Tracking System Race Visualisation 2D graphical visualisations can provide a wealth of easily assimilated updates and statistics during a race. 3D graphics can show the race from different perspectives, e.g. the jockey's viewpoint or a bird's eye view.

Betting Products

TTS data provides the ability to generate innovative betting products that can increase betting revenue. The system has been used to provide live prices and data feeds for in-running betting applications in the UK.

Outside of Horse Racing

The core technology of the TTS can be utilised for other tracking applications. Please visit here for more information.

For further information email turftrax@turftrax.co.uk